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Genie Anderson

Social Concerns

I have been a member of Lutheran Church of the Palms for 14 wonderful years.  Being involved in the church has provided friendships that I would not otherwise have. I represent Social Ministries on the council.  This team reaches out to folks in the community in need as well as support for the greater church’s programs, like Lutheran World Relief.  We collect for FEAST, with a special drive for turkeys in November, backpacks and school supplies for some area elementary schools, and we collect items for the VA as well as other things through the year.

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Debbie Hadlock


My name is Debbie Hadlock and I am a new member of the Church Council at Lutheran Church of the Palms. I have been a member of LCOP for about 5 years and am looking forward to assisting in any way I can in the transition to a new pastor. Presently, I am also a Communion Minister to those who cannot attend Sunday service, a Communion assistant, and an Assistant Minister. I also served on the Evangelism Committee. Becky and I are the co-chairs of the annual Giveaway Day. My duties on Council will include the office of Treasurer.


Becky and I moved here from West Virginia where I was a teacher for 34 years. It took us several years to find our “home” church but knew as soon as we walked into LCOP this is where we were meant to be.


It is my hope to continue the wonderful work done by the Church Council members before me as we continue to grow in our mission statement. Being that this is the first time I have served on a Church Council, there is much for me to learn. However, I already have had many offers of help and guidance! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to participate in another ministry at this loving, welcoming church!

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Edie Miller


Check back for more information.

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Diane Distelcamp

Stewardship Committee

I grew up in the Lutheran church. I knew the loving God since childhood. My 20's to 40's were spent in spiritual searching and doubting and wondering, but the past few years have been a spiritual reawakening. I learned about the sewing group several years before I moved to Florida and decided to check out the church service. After I moved here, I never left. I joined the Lutheran Church of the Palms in 2018. My regular church attendance and stewardship is new to me and I haven't felt this connected since my teen years.

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Orlo Austin


My wife Cheryl and I have attended LCOP for six years and became members less than two years ago when we became Florida residents. We moved to Dunedin to be closer to our daughter and her family. Cheryl and I visited multiple churches and found LCOP to be very welcoming. In my working life I worked as an administrator at the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois. I thank the congregation for the opportunity to become a member of the church council.


Jean Minkin


Continental Breakfast

Bonnie Henneman



Shirley Virchow


My name is Shirley Virchow and I am the newest member of the Church Council. I am the liaison for the Evangelism group.


I am originally from Illinois, but have lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and Georgia.  Lived in Georgia for almost 27 years.  That is where Don and I moved from.  Don and I started looking for a Lutheran Church while waiting to move into our home in Holiday.  Once we found Lutheran Church of the Palms, we knew we had found our home.  We were welcomed the first time we attended. It almost felt like the small Lutheran church family we had left in Georgia.   We became  members of this church via virtual in May of last year.


  Don and I have been attending the Parking Lot church but are really looking forward to getting back inside the building.  We were just starting to get to know a few people last year before the Pandemic and church was closed. Looking forward to getting to know Pastor Kelly and her family better, as we think the council did a great job in finding her.  We look forward to becoming more involved in activities once we are back in church.


Don Malott 

Vice President / Property Committee

I am from Ohio and moved to Palm Harbor from Northern Kentucky with my wife Elva in 2005 to be with family and joined Lutheran Church of The Palms in 2006. Previously I served as Vice President and President of church council and on the call committee in 2006. Currently I am on council serving as liaison to property committee, also on Finance, Endowment and Men-In-Action committees.

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Geraldine Levani

 Campus Use

When I first attended Lutheran Church of the Palms. I felt a calmness and sense of familiarity here that I had not found in other churches. I liked that people were friendly, kind and genuinely supportive. I have the honor of managing the Assisting Minister schedule and serving as one of the Assisting Ministers. On the Church Council, I am responsible for Campus Use. Matters such as insurance coverage and necessary restrictions when children are attending classes must be considered. The goal is to use our beautiful church campus to help the community.